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With Songs
My Favorite Song
'Lucifer' by SHINee
( The Rhythm Recited Spontaneously )
Learning Hangle with Songs
How English Got to Have Fortis?
Learning the Rule of Flex & Fortis with Hangle
English 'kiss' => '' => ' ' <= Flex & Fortis
A song recited of its own accord!
There are some noticeable grammar aspects
How Tantalizing It Would Be!
Vowel Harmony
My Favorite Song
I sometimes sing
How Beautiful the Song Is!
Special Grammar Learning with Songs
Touching People's Heartstrings
   © edited by LeeKH   
- 'Arirang' has the meaning in its song-
한글(Hangle)을 한자(漢字)로 표현한 것이 '아리랑'!  - LeeKH  
How beautiful the Rhythms are => Go
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