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 This page is for 'The Nobel Prize for Literature' in 10 years in Corea.
  The contents here could be mere to get ready on the novel for Nobel Prize for Literature. But all the people in the world might feel the zests of HanGle after viewing...
  ( In fact, it's really hard to translate the contents in HanGle into English or other languages. But I will try to show you the zests from the novel, Leejin's Blue tears written by Sihn Gyeong-sook.
Deriving the materials
From 'LeeJin's Blue Tears'
    - by Sihn Gyeong-sook
Let's view the frame work.
First, the paragraph contents into text
Next, separating into each sentence
Outline the plot
Grasp the theme
Take a deep look on a special sentence