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All about Verbs
    -> conveys an action, work or a state of being  
만들다(make) + 주다(give) -> 만들주다
Supplementary Declinables
Conjugation of Verbs:
Usages of Verbs: Declarative / Interrogative / Negative
Verb Tense: => Go
Verb - Past Verb - Future
Why 'ㄴ' under the stem in the case of present tense?
The 'ㅂ' under the stem: present + notify + honorific
Why 'ㅂ' under the stem? => Go
Progress - Past Progress - Future
과거진행 현재진행 미래진행
RelaTense - Past RelaTense - Present  RelaTense - Future
과거관련시제 현재관련시제 미래관련시제
Rela - Past Perfect
* Pluperfect
Recollect Past: Deo
Absolute/Rela Tense: Neun/Deon - Deep
The usages of particle and inflections in HanGle are various and formative.
  * All about Particles
Inflection(어미) 예제:  
하다 =>하라, 하아라/해라, 하거라, 하느라, 하더라, ~(~ fear if ~might do ~)...
하려고, 하려니, 하려면 
All about Passive => Go
  Basic Tests on Verb  
Verb Test
* Noun * Adjective
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