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The Definition of Paragraph:
   A paragraph is a group of related statements that a writer develops about a subject.
  Each paragraph is a separate unit marked by indenting the first word from the left-hand
  margin, or by leaving extra apace above and below the paragraph.
    단락(paragraph)은 글을 내용상으로 구분하는 체계적 단위이다.
  즉, 단락(paragraph)은
    어떤 주제를 나타내기 위해
      서로 관련된 문장들을
        체계적으로 모아놓은 것이다.
각 단락은 다른 단락과 구분되는 일정한 공간이 있다.
What Is Theme?
    -> The main idea that a writer develops consistently
Check out the writer's intention exactly even if the statment is different
    or wrong,
- The Example of Theme -
'Maehwa Flowers Are Blooming' from 'LeeJin's Bule Tears' => Go
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