Book 4
- Advanced
- Present
'Applying' - Declarative() 'Applying' - Interrogative 'Applying' - Negative
- Past
'Applying' - Declarative 'Applying' - Interrogative 'Applying' - Negative
    ( ~noramyeon: Power of Positive )
Why 'n' at the bottom in present tense? => Go
주체높임서술어: 주무시다/드시다/잡수시다
객체높임서술어: 모시다/드시다
The Most Honorific
Particles of Honorific/Lowering
Contraction of Subject: Lowering/Honorific
Words Not to Seniors
노래와 함께하는 힌글 공부
형성평가 - Jump/Advanced/Apply
Jump Advn Apply
Learning Hangle