- Intermediate
* ha/hae
BeV: ~다/이다
Past Future
Why 'ㄴ' under the stem in the case of present tense?
The 'ㅂ' under the stem: present + notify + honorific
Why 'ㅂ' under the stem? => Go
The 'ㄴ' under the stem: passive: present: seen
S/s` will: ~리/~으리 => Verb - Future
Gasiri Itj eu ri
Progress - Past Progress - Future
과거진행 현재진행 미래진행
RelaTense - Past RelaTense - Present  RelaTense - Future
과거관련시제 현재관련시제 미래관련시제
Rela - Past Perfect
* Pluperfect
Recollect Past: Deo
Absolute/Relative Tense: Neun/Deon - Deep
Basic Forms of Sentences
S / V
5th Form - Specials
// ~게 하다/만들다 => ~이/히/리/기: Deriva. Causa.
The Usages of 'ri' out of 'i/hi/ri/gi..' => Go
ObjectPassive: haio-> haeyo => Go
= 35SentenceFm5th_fm9_1passive_spark => Go
  ' ~ㅂ니다': 'ㅂ'- limit  
All about Infinitive!
=> Go
All about Gerund!
=> Go
Relatives: Qualifying
R.P - What Tense: absolute/relative: Nuen/Deon
Collateral Circumstances: Co-incident/Accessory/Appendant
Formative Test - Intermediate
  General Test  
Verb Exams - Advanced