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The Flex ''
( There could be other opinions on my theory.)
* The Compounding of Nouns Without Bottom Conso. => Compound Word - Sait
How English got to have 'flex' / 'lextis(flex/fortis)' & 'ttis'?
With HanGle, With English => Go
How English got to have Fortis(bb, cc, dd, ff...)? => Fortis
(Flex & Fortis, different from Dual Consonants) => Flex
How got to have ttis(bottom t + fortis)? => tTis
How got to have 'LexTis(flex/fortis)'? => LexTis
- Learning Flex & Fortis with a Song -
'kiss' => 'ki'ts' => => 'kitss' => kiss <= Flex & Lextis
  by LeeKH
'Saitsori' is similar to the Flex, but somewhat different.
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