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Deep Round Lunar Vowel, 'Arae '
Dual Vowels
HanEdu deals with two special Deep Round phonemes; 'Solar Void ' & 'Lunar Arae '.
The Root of All the Sound, Deep Round Lunar Vowel => 'Arae '
What a Nice  & Cute Vowel: ' Arae '
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©2018 HanEdu
The contents are created by Lee Ki-hee, the manager of HanEdu. If you are to use the contents openly, you are required to have the permission from Lee Ki-hee, the manager of HanEdu.  
The Deep Round Solar Consonant, 'Void '
    Dependent upon Consonants - Deep Round Lunar Vowel, 'Arae '
Nice   Cute Vowel!
- The Principle of HanGle -
CheonJiIn(õ/[]: Heaven, Land & Human)
The space for LocoMotion => CheonJiIn

Top consonants & Mid Vowel Arae o


Top consonants & Mid Vowels with Arae o


Arae o with Top '[g]' and Bottom '[b]'


    Dual Vowels, Deciding Priority & 'Arae '
'' & '' and '' & '' => Go
A Harmonious Lettering with Dual Vowels, 'Arae o' is the key point.
Dual Vowels have relation with Arae o, deciding the Priority!
=> Dual Vowels, Deciding the Priority
Learning HanGle
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