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New Views on HanGle
New Views on HanGle:
  Han(big/large/uni) + Gle(letter) => HanGle(International Letters)
'HanGle' is the guide for forming letters, pronouncing, wording and sentencing.
The compactness in each letter, the optimized compactness is the trait of HanGle .
Very Compact Particles in HanGle!
The Combinations with Particles, Phrasing!  
Particle of Cases Supplementary Particles Adverbial Particles
Closing Inflections Particles - Detail Confusing Particles
Review: Particles Particle: Honorific/Lowering the Order of Particles
Subject Case: Nuen/eun / i/ga / eun/neun*i/ga - Ex
'~da/~ida' / '~ieoyo/ieyo, ~yeoyo/yeyo'
With HanGle With English! => Go
= How English got to have 'LexTis( Flex / Fortis )'?
* The compounding of Nouns having no bottom and Nouns => Compound Word - Sait
Saiti/Saitsori has the phonetic sign - '', and distinguishable from 'Flex'.
( There could be different opinions to my theory on 'saitsori' )
The Difference between Saitsori and Flex
Learning HanGle
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