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The English Spelling for '한글'
The Expression for 한글'; 'Hangle'

 Oneday, I happened to make a search with the word 'Hangle' on Google search console box. On parsing the word 'Hangle', there was a recommended word, 'hangul' for 'Hangle'. And there were a lot of sites using 'Hangul' for the Korean language, including the sites which introduce 'hangle' into 'hanger' and 'handle', consequently, an iron pothook or so.
 In an aspect of English, those meanings are OK for 'hangle'. But in Korea, 'Hangle' has the meaning of the Korean language. -> 'Hangle' & 'hangle'
 Actually, out of 'Hangle', 'han' has the meaning of one or big, specially
HanEdu suggests a square box, resulting into a harmonious completion and 'gle' has the meaning of the writing system. Comparatively, out of 'Hangul', 'gul' has the meaning of a cave or an oyster. That is, 'Hangul' is not proper one for Korean, 'Hangle' or 'Hangeul'.
 At this point, I have one thing to tell you; In Hangle, the basic vowels are divided into
horizontal 'ㅡ'and vertical 'l'phonemes. The horizontal vowel 'ㅡ' has the meaning of 'land' which is flat and the pronuciation is the same as the mouth shape of 'ㅡ'. Relatively, in English part, the pronunciation for the 'ㅡ' is ignored. That is, in case of the letter '글', it is composed of three parts: top consonant 'ㄱ', mid vowel 'ㅡ' and bottom consonant 'ㄹ'. First, 'ㄱ' has the pronunciaton of 'g'. next, 'ㅡ' phoneme has the flat shape of mouth, which is normally ignored such like 's' out of 'bus'. Lastly, 'ㄹ' at the bottom has the pronunciation of 'l'. Thus, the pronunciation of '글' is like 'gl', missing the mid pronunciation part, 'ㅡ' in Hangle. And the last part of the intonation in '글' is lowered, 'gle' will be acceptable.
 In fact, the 'ㅡ' phoneme in Hangle is a very crucial one. As of the primary phoneme 'ㅡ' in Hangle, it is normally expressed just like 'eu' in English. And in case of '글', into 'geul when it is used solely. But when that letter is combined with other letters such like 한글', the expression 'Hangeul' is somewhat uneasy or so. As of it, many people use 'Hangul', which is convenient for pronouncing.
  Dear Hanglers, I fully understand how convenient it would be just using 'Hangul' instead of 'Hangeul'. But when it comes to the basic vowels, the 'ㅡ' phoneme is a very, very important one in Hangle. A half of all the letters in Hangle has relation with the phoneme, 'ㅡ'. Thus, I sincerely recommend that you should use 'Hangle' instead 'Hangul'. You might wonder what's the difference between 'Hangul' and 'Hangle'.
 Dear Hanglers, the 'ㅡ' phoneme is very primary and crucial in Hangle. And I dare to recommend you use 'Hangle' instead of 'Hangul' from now on!

From English Word 'hangle' into Korean 'Hangle'
~잡이: hang +   angle -> handle
~걸이: hang + dangle -> hanger
A Harmonious Letter within Square Boxes, that's Hangle.
- Hangle LeeKH   
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