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ȿ: efficiency
<= ex(out) + facere(make)
HanGle - Exfacere
  Han(big/large/uni) + Gle(letter) => HanGle(International Letters)
'HanGle' is the guide for forming letters, pronouncing, wording and sentencing.
The compactness in each letter, the optimized compactness is the trait of HanGle .
So Easy, So Simple & So Systmematic HanGle!
Systematic Vowels: Horizontal Vowels / Vertical Vowels
The Intuitional Consonants: Shape of Mouth & Location of Tongue
      * '' surrounded with '///...'
The Combination of Consonants like Clons - > Dual Consonants
The Combination of Consonants like Clons - > Fortis
=> Consonants
Horizonal Vowels, Vertical Vowels & H*V Compound Vowels
      * Dot Vowels
      * Bar Vowels
Priority - Dual Vowels
    Priority2 - Duple Vowels
Round Sound - Umlaut Vowels
=> Vowels
Very Compact Particles in HanGle!
ȿ: Efficiency of HanGle
  <= ex(out) + facere(make)
Learning HanGle
Grammar Lec.
Basic Course
* Vowels