Hangle Alphabet Summary(槪要[]) - HanEdu

 There are more than 103 million letters in Hangle:  <cf) Letters in use(2020)
 It has 18 simple consonants, including newly addded ones.
 In case of vowels, there is a deep round vowel, 'Arae o' and there are Horizontal Vowels & Vertical Vowels; Based on H*V vowels, there are 10 basic vowels(H(5)/V(5)) with 1 or 2 bar-added. Also there are dual vowels with 1 or 2 dot-added. Addingly, there are umlaut vowels & duple vowels. Thus, there are 62 simple vowels.
 The simple consonants are combined together, resulting into 324 compound consonants, including fortis. And there are 853 compound vowels such as horizontal & vertical; H*V with bars, H*V with dots, H*V with umlauts, and H*V with duple vowels. In total, Consonants(342) & Vowels(879)
 Letters are formed with Top consonants and Mid vowels(TM) or Top consonants, Mid vowels and Bottom consonants(TMB). The total num of letters in Hangle will be 103,111,974, which is so numerous that Hangle is called 'a preterhuman language'.