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The contents are created by Lee KH, the manager of Hangle . If you are to use the contents openly, you are required to have the permission from Hanbit Lee KH.  
The Meaning of 'Han' in Hangle
<- [han]: Square Box
  The 'han' from 'Hangle' has the meaning: [A box which is allocated with a certain amount of space].    - Hangle
   -> a box - seal
   -> an integering relation between one variable and another variable -> function
Oh~ This Exciting Sound Party!
F(x) - 'All Mine'
The lettering system of Hangle is just like the module - separable & attachable. Each phoneme with its own sound value is combined together and forms a letter. - Hangle
The Letter With Boxes in a Box
한글'에서 ''이 <네모 상자> 을 지닌 배경 <- 프로그래밍
아~, 이 짜임새있는 글자 상자!
The Meaning of 'Gle' in Hangle
    Not 'Hangul' But 'Hangle'
The Meaning of 'Gle' in Hangle
↓ ↓
A Harmonious Letter within Square Boxes, that's Hangle.
Thus, Hangle could be the global letter-writing system. - Hangle
    The total num of Hangle letters could be over 270 Million , which is so vast that LeeKH calls it 'a preterhuman language'.
More Than 270 Million Letters
The Combination with Variable Consonants & Table Vowels -> Leter Program
  The Korean language, Hangle has relation with the English word 'hangle'. That is, English word 'hangle' has two types of meanings. The one is it has the meaning of <rack/peg:hanger> which is the combination with 'han' from 'hang' and 'gle' from 'dangle'. The other, <grip/knob/strap:handle>, 'han' from 'hang' and 'gle' from 'angle'. (There could be some other meanings.) 'Hangle' & 'hangle'
 And you might infer these two facts; 1) The line types of phonemes - 'ㄱ,ㄴ,ㄷ,ㄹ,ㅁ,ㅂ' - are from the handle bar, getting turned into round shape, 'ㅇ' from 'knob'. 2) The curved type of phonemes such as 'ㅅ, ㅈ, ㅊ' and the added type of phonemes such as 'ㅋ, ㅌ, ㅍ, ㅎ' are from the hanger.
 <The Korean language, Hangle has relation with the English word 'hangle', the tool of daily lives!>
 Hangle has more than 270 Million letters based on the above consonants and the vowels of horizontal*vertical, dot, bar shapes, etc. (Thus, it is called a preterhuman language.)
 What an amazing language Hangle is!
 Hangle is an international language.
 (Focus on 'Hangle' not 'Hangul'!) - Hangle manager: LeeKH(이기희)

What an amazing language Hangle is to have the meaning of Daily Life Tools!
~잡이: hang +   angle -> handle
~걸이: hang + dangle -> hanger
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