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  Han(big/large/uni) + Gle(letter) => HanGle(International Letters)
'HanGle' is the guide for forming letters, pronouncing, wording and sentencing.
The compactness in each letter, the optimized compactness is the trait of HanGle .
  <The Korean language, 'Hangle' has relation with the English word 'hangle'. That is, English word 'hangle' has two types of meanings. The one is it has the meaning of 'rack/peg/hanger' which is the combination with 'han' from 'hang' and 'gle' from 'dangle'. The other, 'handle/grip/knob/strap', 'han' from 'hang' and 'gle' from 'handle'. (There could be some other meanings.) -> 'Hangle' & 'hangle'
 And you might infer these two facts; 1) The line types of phonemes - ',,,,,' - are from the handle bar, getting turned into round shape, '' from 'knob'. 2) The curved type of phonemes such as ', , ' and the added type of phonemes such as ', , , ' are from the hanger.>
 <The Korean language, 'Hangle' has relation with the English word 'hangle', the tool of daily lives!>
 'Hangle' has far more than 103 million letters based on the above consonants and the vowels of horizontal*vertical, dot, bar shapes. (Thus, Hanedu calls it a preterhuman language.)
 What an amazing language Hangle is!
 'Hangle' is an international language.
 (Focus on 'Hangle' not 'Hangul'!) - HanEdu manager: LeeKH(̱)
What an amazing language Hangle is to have the meaning of DAILY LIFE tools!
  HanGle[ѱ] was made to be easy, simple and intuitive through the analysis of phonetics.
  It has very systematic letter-writings and various pronunciations, above all, it's easy to learn.
  Especailly, the inscriptions of vowel sounds are very intuitive and systematic.
  Check the simple and easy & profound vowel system of HanGle.
<Letter System in Use>           
<cf)Letters in use>     
HanGle Alphabet [] - Summary

 There are more than 103 million letters in Hangle:
 It has 18 simple consonants, including newly addded ones.
 In case of vowels, there is a deep round luna vowel, 'Arae o' and there are Horizontal v. & Vertical v. Based on H*V vowels, there are 10 basic vowels with 1 or 2 bar-added: Horizontal(5) & Vertical(5). Also there are dual vowels with 1 or 2 dot-added. including umlaut vowels & duple vowels.
 Those consonants are combined together, resulting into 324 compound consonants. And there are 853 compound vowels such as horizontal & vertical, H*V with bars, H*V with dots, H*V with umlauts, and H*V with duple vowels. In total: Consonants(342) & Vowels(879)
 Letters are formed with Top consonants and Mid vowels(TM) or Top consonants, Mid vowels and Bottom consonants(TMB). The total num of letters in Hangle will be 103,111,974, which are so numerous that HanEdu calls Hangle 'a preterhuman language.

=> The Programmed Lettering System of Hangle
- The Principle of HanGle -
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An Easy, Simple and Systematic Language, HanGle
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