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Welcome to Hangle
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What are they trying to say?
'!', 이 소리는 분명...
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Consonants & Vowels
The Intuitional(Shape/Location) Consonants: Hangle / hangle - Tools
    * Handle Type: ㄱ//////
    * Hanger Type: ㅅ//////
The Combination of Consonants like Clons -> Dual Consonants (Fortis)
=> View Intuitive Consonants
Horizonal Vowels, Vertical Vowels & H*V Compound Vowels
    * Deep Round Vowel:   <- Luna Vowel,    // Arae a
    * Horizonal :
    * Vertical:
    * Bar Vowels: ///ㅠ, ㅏ///
    * Dot Vowels:
      Check the below Dual Vowels
    * Compound Vowels:
      Compound Vowels
Vowels with Priority -> Dual Vowels
    Vowels with 'i' -> Duple Vowels
Making Round -> Umlaut Vowels
Three Vowels into One -> Triple Vowels
Four Vowels into One -> Quad Vowels
=> View Systematic Vowels
한글 문자 언어 시스템(Hangle Letter System)
영어 스페인어 아우르는 한글
Hangle + English + Spainish
How easy, simple and systematic Hangle is!
Click and Learn Hangle!
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