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HanGle-Intro Hn Alphabet Mobile Vowels HanGle Show
- The Principle of HanGle -
CheonJiIn(õ/[]: Heaven, Land & Human)
The space for LocoMotion => Cheon_Ji_In
Intuitive Conso. H*V Vowels Arae 'o' / Luna V. Dual Vowels
Fortis Flex Saitsori
LexTis Particle Inflection
* Words * Numbers * Noun Main * Verb Main
Learn Hangle with Songs: < '(й)' >
The Meaning of 'Arirang is in its song.-> Go
The Steps for a Nobel Prize - Lit
HanEdu Special Lec.
  <The Korean language, 'Hangle' has relation with the English word 'hangle'. That is, English word 'hangle' has two types of meanings. The one is it has the meaning of 'rack/peg/hanger' which is the combination with 'han' from 'hang' and 'gle' from 'dangle'. The other, 'handle/grip/knob/strap', 'han' from 'hang' and 'gle' from 'handle'. (There could be some other meanings.) -> 'Hangle' & 'hangle'
 And you might infer these two facts; 1) The line types of phonemes - ',,,,,' - are from the handle bar, getting turned into round shape, '' from 'knob'. 2) The curved type of phonemes such as ', , ' and the added type of phonemes such as ', , , ' are from the hanger.>
 <The Korean language, 'Hangle' has relation with the English word 'hangle', the tool of daily lives!>
 'Hangle' has far more than 103 million letters based on the above consonants and the vowels of horizontal*vertical, dot, bar shapes. (Thus, Hanedu calls it a preterhuman language.)
 What an amazing language Hangle is!
 'Hangle' is an international language.
 (Focus on 'Hangle' not 'Hangul'!) - HanEdu manager: LeeKH(̱)

What an amazing language Hangle is to have the meaning of Daily Life Tools!
- HanEdu  Special  Show -
  Phonemes into Letters - Compounding Clon-like
-> View Clon-like Compounding
  :The word 'sure' has relation with < go() + stop() > in Hangle.
' / / / / ̴'
How Many Letters HanGle Has?
More Than 103Million Letters!
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